Providing Management and Technology Solutions

Performance Management / Monitoring & Evaluation

Today’s business and international development environment is ever changing. Cura Concepts (C2) helps your organization develop the ability to sense impending change and respond quickly and perceptively. We will guide you in fully integrating an effective performance management solution and/or monitoring and evaluation (M&E) program with visibility into all levels of your organization’s business activities. All while realizing critical cost savings, maintaining regulatory and statutory compliance, and gaining strategic competitive advantages. Our team will implement measures to monitor and evaluate operational efficiencies and effectiveness for continuous process improvement (e.g., KPIs, KRIs) which will drive your organization’s mission (Public sector) or lead to improved financial performance (Private sector).

Our M&E services help support programs that build capacity for improved policy making and accountability, emphasizing greater citizen participation and increased transparency as a means to deliver desired outcomes that citizens increasingly expect. Our record of past performance demonstrates our ability to suit your evaluative needs in order to strengthen your organization’s strategic approach to innovative programmatic excellence.

The C2 Framework is utilized in our strategic and tactical service offerings to provide the following:

C2 Strategic Service Offerings

- Balanced Scorecard
- Planning and Budgeting
- Capacity Assessment and Planning
- Process Improvement
- Risk and Compliance
- M&E Framework Design and Implementation

C2  Tactical Service Offerings

- Dashboard Development and Management
- M&E Performance Based Monitoring System
- Data Quality Management
- Performance Engineering
- M&E Data Analysis Methods (e.g., Frequency Distributions, Trend Analysis, Cross-Tabulations, Content Analysis, Regression)

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