Providing Management and Technology Solutions

Knowledge Transfer Capability Building

The essence of an organization’s capability is the assimilation of each person’s specialized knowledge. Our professionals observe the mechanisms through which knowledge is integrated within your organization to create capability and then build resilient connections between knowledge inputs and product outputs.

C2 Knowledge Transfer Capability Building services include

  • Technology Supported Learning
  • Change management process training, specialized supervisory and leadership skills, workforce development, and financial management.
  • Succession planning to assist your organization in anticipating future needs.
  • Assistance in finding, assessing and developing the human capital essential to the organization’s strategy.
  • Self-evaluation of your organizational structure using the classical Plan‐Do‐Check‐Act cycle (PDCA – Deming Cycle) in process quality management.

Our services effectively manage people through the organizational change while:

  • Working with resident knowledge experts to appreciate and adapt to organizational nuances and develop solutions.
  • Empowering stakeholders through practical application of leadership opportunities with targeted and applicable guidance.
  • Cultivating personnel technical skills, capabilities, and behavioral competencies (e.g., patience, building trust, teamwork, commitment to learning).
  • Enhancing stakeholder/staff capacity to deliver results while ensuring that achievements benefit the organization and do not depart with the consultants.

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