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What is C2 Global Synergy?

Thought leaders at Cura Concepts (C2) developed the C2 Global Synergy Model© to propagate greater value for our customers as well as our C2 Team. By pooling various skill sets at our international C2 business units, we:

- Leverage regional and global core competencies as well as our strong regional networks;

-  Synchronize the flow of services between business units, in turn increasing capacity utilization and improving market access;

- Obtain measurable, desired outcomes by leveraging collaborative negotiation with regional stakeholders.

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C2 Global Talent

Our C2 Global Talent plays an integral role in the success of C2 Global Synergy and brings significant local benefits. This model adjusts to market changes, globalized markets, and new customer needs. Skilled at working in diverse cultures, our C2 Global Talent is comprised of passionate, lifetime learners receiving various levels of experience from the classroom, the boardroom, and impromptu conversations with the locals. Our team members employ both aggressive and agile organizational management methodologies, coupled with innovative and relevant corporate guidance techniques, thus positioning your organization amongst industry leaders.

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